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Cooperation beyond borders.

Outputs and results

Most of the times, the high recidivism among convicts incarcerated in the cross border area penitentiaries is generated by the employers’ reluctance to employ former inmates. That fact led to identifying the common need to train inmates in an area that would give them additional chances to ensure their livelihood and to be self-employed. The new solution this project proposed is to help the inmates become small agriculture producers and it offers them an additional opportunity to social reintegration after being released from prison. The proposed innovation is feasible also due to the fact that in the Banat cross border area the population holds own agriculture lands that are highly fertile.

Specialists team

A team of more than 20 specialists on lifelong learning & reintegration developing a unique educational program to exploit regional potential, traditional products and new technologies. The team developed ”best practice” support materials so that the educational experience can be replicated throughout both countries.

Trained people

Over 40 persons executing penal sanctions from Romania and Serbia trained in drying and selling herbs and medicinal plants, fruit and vegetables.

Working sites

Two modern and sustainable working sites, in Timisoara and Pancevo, with modern equipment and tools for drying and packing herbs and medicinal plants, fruit, and vegetables.

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This project is financed by the European Union under the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistence (IPA II) and co-financed by the partner states in the Programme.

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